Children helping Children – the Pebble Tossers Way

pebble tossers cause area icon fragile childrenAt Pebble Tossers, February holds a special place in our hearts and on our calendar. February’s monthly Cause Area is Fragile Children and while we support fragile children through a variety of programs throughout the year, February always brings some special opportunities. 

The needs for fragile children are wide-ranging. Some have visible physical challenges or serious illnesses, some might be sight or hearing-impaired while  others might struggle with anxiety or have a learning disability. And then many fragile children are in difficult home situations and in need of shelter, clothing, food and school support.

Pebble Tossers works with a variety of organizations that support these children based on their needs. One week Our members may collect and organize supplies for Helping Mamas and the next they may create a fun activity such as slime-making for kids at My Sister’s House (and bringing in Georgia Tech football players to lead the fun – pic below).

One of the special organizations we work with is Create Your Dreams (CYD). Earlier this month, a team of Pebble Tossers volunteers created an activity for the kids at Create Your Dreams to help other kids in need. Alongside Pebble Tossers volunteers, the Create Your Dreams kids created Valentine’s Day activity kits for the young patients at the Sibley Heart Center. This project embodies the spirit of kids helping kids and follows the Pebble Tossers mission to build leadership through service.

Create Your Dreams is an Atlanta treasure. CYD reaches children living in low-income areas who are at-risk for not living up to their potential. Their tagline? Potential is Universal. Opportunity is Not. 

CYD works with seventeen (17) area schools and gives each family a 14-year commitment. Students join CYD in the second grade in groups of 10-12 students and remain part of that same group until they graduate high school and begin college. 

And that commitment sees tremendous results: 100% of students completing CYD graduate from high school and then…

  • 96% of graduates began a post-secondary degree
  • 88% are enrolled or have earned their post-secondary degree
  • 40% of alums who earned their bachelor’s degree, earned their master’s degree!

Visit their website at to learn more and be sure to sign-up + serve at our next CYD service project.

Creating Valentine's Day Kits at Create Your Dreams.
Creating Valentine’s Day Kits at Create Your Dreams
Georgia Tech Football Players at My Sister's House
Georgia Tech Football Players working with kids at My Sister’s House