Leading doesn’t always occur in the spotlight or at the front. Leading also lives on the sidelines and behind the scenes. The ability to lead is synonymous with the ability to support. A leader may be the icon leading the charge or the one silently working to make it all happen but the results are the same: accomplishments.

  • Rock The Vote 2023

    You’re registered to vote, the next step is to be ready to vote.

    Here are three steps to being an informed voter.

    1. Confirm Your Voter Registration Status.

    2. Identify Your Voting Location. Don’t end up at the wrong polling location.

    3. Review a Sample Ballot. Research the candidates and any questions or proposed amendments.

    In Georgia, visit My Voter Page to confirm your registration status/voting location and download a sample ballot.

    To review candidates and additional Georgia voting information, visit Georgia Voting Guide.

  • Become a STOMP Out Bullying™ Youth Leader

    STOMP Out Bullying™ Youth Leaders are a group of volunteers who are 13 ‐ 18 years of age and are established student activists and leaders. They hail from all over the U.S. and speak out to their schools, their communities and to the media to raise awareness. They are an important part of the STOMP Out Bullying™ team. Become a STOMP Out Bullying™ Youth Leader. Be a part of the STAND-UP Generation!

  • Community garden

    A great way to be a leader in your community is by bringing people together. A community garden sends a message of unity, and that our collective efforts will provide nourishment for each other. Check out our how-to guide and start a ripple from your own backyard.
    Click for a link to purchase seeds.

  • Organize a recycling Scavenger Hunt for neighbors

    Take action within your community by organizing a recycling scavenger hunt. If you need some inspiration, check out this example from our partners at Live Thrive Atlanta.

  • Petition for a Community Change

    Do you see something in your community that you feel needs to change? Then take the lead an make it happen by spreading the word and starting a petition. If you get enough support, take your message and signatures to a town meeting. That’s what they are for! You can organize a petition through change.org

  • Build Natural Seats in the Park

    Take charge and start your own service project. With a creative eye you start to notice spots in nature within your community that can be turned into natural seating. Options can be made from logs, tree stumps, or even rocks. Remember to be careful and to ask for permission if required from local park service.

  • Create Parties in a Box for the Food Pantry

    Food pantries do not always offer items for special occasions like birthdays or Valentines Day. Organize your own “party box” donation drive where you collect things like cake mix, frosting, birthday candles, and decorative paper plates. Then decorate recycled boxes from leftover wrapping paper that matches the theme of the box and donate to a food pantry.

  • Photograph New Animals at a Local Shelter

    A great way to help shelter animals find new homes is to make their photos look like the best representation possible. If you have a camera and love taking pictures, sign up to be on call for taking these animal photos. Solicit donations for cute animal props (sweaters, collars, grooming supplies, etc.) to help the animals look great in their photos. You could possibly even make a calendar from the best photos for the shelter to sell and raise money!