The Pebble Tossers mission is to empower and equip youth leadership through service. Once the leadership skills are in place, it is time to put them into action and succeed. Here are some opportunities and guidelines for successful leadership.

  • Successful Communication - Active listening

    You probably already know how important it is to be a good communicator. But did you know that the most important part of communication is actually listening? A great listener will find that the world and all its opportunities will open up for them in really powerful ways. The best part is this is a skill you can easily develop through a technique called “active listening.” Explore some of these resources below and become an active listener!

    • Active Listening: A Fun Introduction
    • The Power of Listening : TED Talk by William Ury
    • How to Actively Listen
      • Try not to judge what others are saying. It’s okay to disagree with what something someone is saying, but practice waiting until they are finished with their point before fully committing to or voicing your opinion.
      • Be patient: It’s okay to let there be moments of silence.
      • During moments of silence or while others are speaking, let them know you are listening with nonverbal feedback. Smiling, eye contact, leaning in, and even matching their body language are all excellent forms of nonverbal communication.
      • Repeat back some key words or main points throughout the conversation. This is such an important part. When someone hears you repeating back to them parts of what they are saying that really seem important to them, they truly feel heard and they will appreciate you for it.
      • Ask questions to clarify that you understand what others are trying to say.
      • Summarize what’s been said after they have finished.
      • If you can start practicing these simple techniques while communicating with others, you are well on your way to becoming an empathic, masterful, communicator and the world will thank you for it.
  • Self-Awareness –

    When you’re thinking of the best way to behave in a situation based on how you’ve behaved in a similar situation in the past, you’re practicing self-awareness. To truly succeed in all facets of life it’s so important to be aware of how your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect you and those around you. is an excellent place to start learning more about the importance of self-awareness.

  • Growth Mindset

    Are you bad at math? Have you never had any musical or athletic talent? Do you realize that you’re probably very wrong and there is scientific evidence to prove it? The beliefs we have about our own lack of abilities are often the very thing that prevent us from becoming good at something. This is called a fixed-mindset. But if you start looking at every task as a fascinating challenge, instead of an impossibility, you can actually start to change your brain chemistry into what is known as the Growth Mindset.

    Check out this great video on Growth vs. Fixed-Mindset to learn more.

  • The Power of Journaling

    Journaling is not the same as a diary. Journaling is something specific and focused. Just like a math or science notebook, you can choose an area of your life that interests and excites you and start a journal on the subject. This can be the place where you chart the progress of your journey. Start by exploring these excellent sources below on the benefits of journaling.

    The Benefits of Journaling for Kids 

    22 Writing Prompts to Discover Your Purpose 

    Different Types of Journals

  • Positive Self-Talk

    The most important conversation we ever have is the one taking place in our own minds. The way we talk to ourselves is the single most important factor in determining our quality of life and the degree to which we believe in ourselves. You wouldn’t unfairly criticize those you love the most, so why would do so to yourself? Yet, so often we do and may not even notice. Practice paying attention to the chatter in your mind and try to catch yourself when you are talking to yourself poorly. Also, be aware of the ways in which you encourage yourself. Here’s 37 positive affirmations you can start saying to yourself that will undoubtedly improve your world, inside and out. 

  • Coping with Anxiety

    Learn how to better manage moments of anxiety in your life with these seven important steps from Jelena Kecmanovic, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University.

  • Parents - Developmental Relationships Framework

    The Search Institute’s  Developmental Relationships Framework, is rooted in academic research, and offers evidence supporting the impact that relationship development in the home can have on academic motivation, social-emotional growth, increased sense of personal responsibility, and reduced engagement in a variety of high-risk behaviors. Search Institute has identified five elements—expressed in 20 specific actions—that make relationships powerful in young people’s lives. 

    Click here for a free download of the framework below to learn more

  • – Financial Education programs teach kids between the ages of 11-19 the importance of proper money management in a highly interactive and entertaining format. Check out their virtual programs available this summer.