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the pebble tossers board of directors

  • Inspired by: My family!

    In my free time: I participate in triathlons and marathons.

    Family: My wife, Erin and two daughters attending high school.


    Aaron Dixon
    Partner - Alston & Bird LLP
  • Andy and his family are longtime Pebble Tossers members and have participated in several of our key service projects. They hold a strong belief in volunteerism as an essential part of youth and family development. They embody the Pebble Tossers mission. Andy is an Account Executive building customer success at WorkFusion

    Andy Dakshina
    Account Executive - WorkFusion
  • Inspired by: My family – watching my wife and children take on new challenges. When adversity strikes, it’s motivating to see them overcome and excel.

    In my free time: I love exercising, being outdoors, and coaching little league baseball.

    Family: Wife – Julie, Son – Ari, and Daughter – Remy


    Asher Royal
    Division Vice President - DaVita Kidney Care
  • A developer of leaders in the workforce, Brandy fits right in with the Pebble Tossers mission to empower youth to lead through service. She is a strong believer in volunteerism leading to good citizenship and strong character development. Brandy is the Director of Sales for Google Cloud Business Solutions.

    Brandy Brock
    Director of Sales - Google Cloud Business Solutions
  • What do you like to do in your free time?

    I regularly go hiking on the Appalachian Trail and practice woodworking. I spend most of my weekends cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Brian Sengson
    Tax Attorney - Bennett Thrasher
  • Inspired by: My faith, my family, my career and the people I work with. Forgiveness inspires me. Nature & travel also inspire me.

    Bucket list: Backpack through Southeast Asia.

    Family: The oldest of three sisters and have a dog named Spencer.


    Broughton Barry
    Account Manager - Wolters Kluwer
  • Bucket List:  To go on a photography tour of the Big 5 National Parks

    Favorite Volunteer Experience: Weekly visits to the Boys & Girls Club when I was a student at UGA

    Family: Married with one son


    Elizabeth Rasberry
    Internal Communications Leader - ABB
  • What inspires you?

    Being a good role model for my daughter, helping others find their success professionally in a manner that is true to their personality, and making work and service more relationship-based.

    Heather Housley
    Director/Region Executive - Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Inspired by: My parents 45-year marriage and still counting. Outside of my family, positive and optimistic people inspire me. People who are willing to work hard and have my back.

    If you had one wish: It would be for people not to be ashamed by mental health and that more people would embrace therapy. 

    Family: Husband – James, 2 sons – Dutch + Pierce, Dog – Murphey.


    Kelly Weber
    Senior New Business Development Executive - OneDigital
  • Inspired by: My family

    Bucket list: Run a full marathon

    Family: Blended family with husband Jamaal and 5 amazing girls – Zoe, Sofia, Harper, Jada and Ashley


    Leslie Graham
    Vice President Human Resources - United Digestive
  • Matt’s inspiration and interests coming soon.


    Matt Carr
    Head of Sales, MidAtlantic + Carolinas - Amazon Web Services
  • What do you like to do in your free time?

    I love to be active. I enjoy tennis, the occasional poor round of golf, and staying fit. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last decade coaching youth soccer and Little League baseball. I enjoy traveling with my family and trying out new BBQ recipes on the backyard grill.

    Neal Chatigny
    Vice President - WebMD
  • Inspired by: My daughter. Every day.

    Bucket list: Go on a cross-country US road trip with my family

    Family: Husband, Doug, and our 8-year old daughter, Arielle. We have a great cat, Leo (11).


    Rebecca Sandberg
    PRESIDENT, BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Independent Management Consultant
  • Inspired by:  I enjoy building relationships and connecting others personally and professionally.

    In my free time: I spend as much time as possible with my family. We spend most of our weekends on playing sports and cheering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Florida Gators.

    Family: Wife – Divya Vaswani, Sons – Rajer and Jaisen.

    Vijay Vaswani
    Managing Director, Transaction Advisory Services - Bennett Thrasher

pebble tossers advisory council

  • Inspired by: My faith and belief that all things are possible through Christ and learning something new from challenges or obstacles

    Bucket list: Live to be 100; build a youth & elder daycare

    Family: Husband Todd, daughter Olivia, son Zach & daughter-in-law Alana and new granddaughter, Nell.


    Amy Merry
    Sales Productivity and Readiness Lead - Amazon Web Services




    Anne Collier Wood
    Bennett Thrasher, CPA




    Dorian Usherwood
    VP of Marketing - Belay Solutions
  • Inspired by: Working with kids at Cristo Rey Jesuit School

    Bucket list: Swimming with the Great Whites off Cape Town (in a cage) 

    Family: 2 beautiful daughters, one terrific son, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback


    Eric Meier
    Senior Vice President Client Relations - United Healthcare
  • Inspired by: Making people smile 

    Bucket list: Run with the bulls

    Family: 4 handsome boys and 1 beautiful bride 


    Jeff Black
    Stealth Partner Group




    Jeni Stephens




    Juan Sanchez
    Federal Reserve Bank of Altanta




    Karyn Greer
  • Inspired by: Making a difference in the lives of others and teaching my children the value of such work.

    Bucket list: To go skydiving

    Family: Married with four kids, Anna Kate, Campbell, Jordan, and Jamie.


    Mary Ulmer-Jones
    Senior Vice President/Associate General Counsel - Bank of America
  • Inspired by: I draw my energy from helping others and it inspires me to see individuals meet their goals, no matter how small.

    Bucket list: To travel, travel, travel!

    Family: Atlanta native, married and has one daughter who attends NC State University.


    Wakeeta Rosser
    Kennesaw State University

Every volunteer makes a difference , and your contributions have done so much to make Big Trees shine.

Leslie Burke, Board Member, John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve

pebble tossers staff + service leaders

We are so thankful for our amazing staff and trained service leaders who ensure that each and every service project goes great.


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    Lisa Gill
    Operations Manager




    Renee Hassan
    Service Leader
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    Beth Freeman
    Membership + Marketing Manager

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    Eric Greenwald
    Communications Manager
  • Keyanna Johnson
  • Jackie Kimball
  • Ciera Oliver-Ratcliff
  • Robin White
    Program Specialist

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