We promote continuous learning for our Pebble Tossers members. It is imperative for growth and development and in turn, it improves the impact individuals have on our community. Here are some resources to continue to learn:

  • Book Recommendations

    Books to read for all ages. Download this PDF list of great books that teach about service, volunteerism and philanthropy.  The list is broken down by age and grade.

  • Cultural

  • Environmental

    50 Years of Earth Day: The Health of Our Planet and Our Own Health are One and the Same – by Our Friends Live Thrive Atlanta
    On April 22, 1970 – the first Earth Day in history– over 20 million Americans took to the streets to protest America’s inaction to combat the damaging effects of 150 years of industrial development.
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  • Advice from Experts

    Positivity Touch Points (1 of 3) – by Michelle Schroeder – Lowrey for Pebble Tossers
    It is something we often talk about in a longing way… “I wish we just had time to slow down and be together.” Or “We are never all home at the same time!” And now, EVERYONE is home. Only, this isn’t the “slowing down” we were talking about, right?
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    Positivity Touch Points (2 of 3) – by Michelle Schroeder – Lowrey for Pebble Tossers
    What do we do when our uncertainty, fear and anxiety start to overwhelm us?
    In real-time when the big feelings start to overwhelm our brains and bodies we must start with calming – 3 Deep Breaths. It has to be 3..
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    Positivity Touch Points (3 of 3) – by Michelle Schroeder – Lowrey for Pebble Tossers
    How do we stay grounded and in the present moment? Right now, I am leaning a lot on GRATITUDE. There is a lot of research out there around how expressing gratitude effects your personal happiness.
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    Executive Function + Volunteering – by Mary Ulmer-Jones, Pebble Tossers Board of Directors
    Shelter in Place provides us the time and energy to focus on meaningful things.  It is meaningful to me that Pebble Tossers has given my son a platform to practice executive functioning.
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    The Opportunity for Growth, Found in the Instability of COVID-19 – by Amanda T. Parrott, MSW, LISW-CP for Pebble Tossers
    COVID-19…How will you show up for yourself during a monumental event in history?
    I pose this question to remind you of the power that you hold when managing this and other stressful events you will encounter in life.
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    Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety
    Have increased anxiety about the global pandemic? Don’t let anxiety take over your life with these seven important steps from Jelena Kecmanovic, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University.

  • Justice + Equality