Metro Atlanta Teens selected for 2021-22 Teen Leadership Program

Pebble Tossers congratulates 32 teenagers selected for its 2021-22 Teen Leadership Program

(Atlanta, GA, September 27, 2021)…Pebble Tossers, Atlanta’s leading youth development nonprofit, has kicked off the 2nd year of its Teen Leadership Program (TLP). In line with the Pebble Tossers mission to empower and equip youth to lead through service, the program provides opportunities for service-minded teens to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their impact on their community and the world. 

The Teens

  • 32 students 
  • 22 Metro Atlanta high schools 
  • Twelve (12) freshmen, eleven (11) sophomores, five (5) juniors, and four (4) seniors
  • Who are they?
    • Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Cooks, Philanthropists, Girl Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and more!
  • What do they believe in?
    • Supporting their friends during times of need;
    • Caring about mental health;
    • Making a difference in their community;
    • Being willing to make a change;
    • Feeling good about themselves and their actions.

This exceptional group of young people will work with the Pebble Tossers’ leadership team to improve their personal and practical life skills such as self-awareness, self-management, growth mindset, social awareness, healthy relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills. The program’s scheduled activities cover the ways these skills apply within the three tenets of the program: Serve, Lead, Succeed. 

“A leader is someone who makes a change by being different. They have to be confident enough to stand up and stand out,” said Nupur D., a 2020-21 TLP Member.

The nine-month program includes monthly meetings, special guest speakers, and a service project that participants will create and implement as a group. The TLP supplements valuable experiences in the lives of these passionate young people and builds the sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy that our world needs in the leaders of tomorrow. 

“I am inspired. The applications submitted by these teens reflect how much good there is in our community,” said Jennifer Guynn, Founder + Executive Director, Pebble Tossers. “These teens are well on their way to being successful leaders.”

Teen Leadership Program Information



About Pebble Tossers
Pebble Tossers is the premier local youth service organization focused on providing families with a comprehensive path to youth development through service to others, from preschool to graduation. Customized programming empowers youth to lead by providing them with resources and age-appropriate service opportunities. With Pebble Tossers, volunteers sign up, show up, and serve to create a ripple of giving in their community.


Teen Leadership Program 2021-2022 Members

Abigail B.       Freshman     North Gwinnett High School

Sofia C.          Freshman     Sprayberry High School

Zoë C.            Sophomore  Sprayberry High School

Mac C.              Senior            Riverwood International Charter School

Joey C.          Junior            St. Pius X Catholic High School

Zeke D.           Freshman     The Paideia School

Neil D.             Junior            The Westminster Schools

Shaan D.       Freshman     The Westminster Schools

Gavi D.           Sophomore  The Weber School

Nina D.           Senior            St. Pius X Catholic High School

Virgina E.       Sophomore  The Lovett School

Alex F.             Freshman     The Paideia School

Michelle G.    Sophomore  Tucker High School

Parker H.        Sophomore  Woodward Academy

Jane H.          Senior            Mount Vernon School

Sam J.           Sophomore  Chamblee Charter High School

Sanaa K.        Freshman     South Forsyth High School

Grace M.       Freshman     Johns Creek High School

Cait M.           Sophomore  The Walker School

Riley N.           Sophomore  The Lovett School

Nikhil P.          Freshman     Woodward Academy

Claire P.         Freshman     Johns Creek High School

Jazmin P.       Senior            Baylor School

Joe P.             Sophomore  St. Pius X Catholic School

Eva R.             Junior            DeKalb School of the Arts

Leila S.           Freshman     Community Christian School

Omkar T.       Junior            Lambert High School

Audrey T.       Sophomore  The Mount Vernon School

Ella W.            Freshman     Notre Dame Academy

Ameena W.   Junior            DeKalb School of the Arts