June: Arts and Culture: The Catalyst for Youth Development?

In June, Pebble Tossers highlights arts and culture, specifically how the arts positively impact youth development. It seems ever-more essential to focus on practical career paths to secure a sensible future in today’s society. Yet, more than ever, children and young adults are developing anxiety about said future without an avenue to relieve stress. The solution? Immersion in arts and culture. Arts and culture have been proven to have a positive effect not only on mental health but school achievement.  

Culture goes hand-in-hand with the arts. Students who experience their own culture and the cultures present in their community gain a better understanding of what it means to be human. Culture is essential to self-worth and confidence during the most impressionable years of growth. Pebble Tossers acknowledges the diverse population of the greater Atlanta area and is proud to serve its communities. 

Active participation in the arts also has a wide variety of positive effects. For example, students who participate in the arts are more likely to find school engaging and have a longer attention span than those who do not. As a result, they are more likely to enjoy school, go onto postsecondary school, and achieve a college degree. Youth within the arts are also less likely to deal with social infractions on school grounds, likely due to the release of creativity/energy that the arts provide. In addition, scores on standardized tests are consistently higher with students who participate in the arts than those who do not. 

Tapping into the creative vein of the arts generates a pathway for youth to connect to their deepest, most authentic emotions. Students connect with their authentic selves through reflection and the expression of creative mediums. They develop healthy coping habits to apply to real-world situations, better equipping them for their future. Avenues like dance, art, music and writing are building blocks for knowledge, outlook, value, and self-regulation necessary to succeed as they develop. An increase in artful citizens means a brighter future for the upcoming generations. 

Pebble Tossers passionately advocates for the arts, especially when it comes to youth development. Serving with Pebble Tossers exposes young volunteers to various cultures and opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked. During these last few weeks of June, we hope you join us in celebrating the arts and the positive impact they make on our community.