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January Cause Area
citizenship+social justice

This cause area focuses on how, as active volunteer members within our community, we can be more involved with championing social justice and active citizenship. We explore how our youth members can become actively involved in their community, state and country to be an agent of change. Our service projects and initiatives provide opportunities for youth to challenge their point of view. We then work to educate our youth to learn how to use their voice and actions to make impactful change.

  • Pebble Tossers MLK Day Spotlight Project

    Join Pebble Tossers for our MLK DaySpotlight Project with Everybody Wins! For over 18 years, Everybody Wins! Atlanta has been devoted to improving the reading skills and developing a love of reading in students who are reading below grade level, giving them a greater chance for success in school and expanding their life horizon. Nearly 26,000 children in our local communities and public school districts cannot read. Pebble Tossers volunteers will label books and proofread notes to be included with the books. These books will then be distributed to children from low-income families throughout our communities. Due to the increase in COVID cases this will not be an in-person project. Click here to register and for the latest information on how to participate.

  • MLK Day at Piedmont Park

    Join the Piedmont Park Conservancy for a day of service in honor of MLK Day. Volunteers will be picking up litter, mulching, removing invasive plants and pruning. Two shifts will be available, 9am to 12 noon and 1pm to 4pm.

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  • Civic Learning with Points of Light

    Pebble Tossers has partnered with Points of Light for their “Year of Civic Learning” and Pebble Tossers volunteers will have access to different opportunities. Through this three-part virtual series, youth will better understand how to support the causes and issues they care about and explore their own project ideas. Each session builds towards the final session, where youth will begin bringing a project idea to life and make a plan for their own year of civic learning. Youth who complete all three sessions will receive a certificate of participation!

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  • Other Ways to Practice Citizenship

    Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS)

    The Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS) was developed to address the need for increased civic involvement and awareness among Georgia’s youth. The objective is simple: to educate young citizens about the importance of being actively involved in their local government environment and the opportunities available in the public sector. GCAPS provides civic education by exposing high school students to the role that local government plays and by introducing them to the leaders who make local governments work. Youth are offered the opportunity to gain knowledge about their local governments through hands-on learning activities and internships to experience the decision-making process first-hand.

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    Write Thank You Notes and Cards to Delivery Workers

    Create a homemade note or card thanking the mail carrier, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and other delivery workers for all of their hard work. Thank them for delivering items to allow your family to stay at home and to make less trips to the store in order to be safe.

    • Have a box of individually wrapped treats, bottled waters and hand warmers near your front door or delivery area for delivery workers.

    Spread Neighborhood Kindness

    • Offer to help an older neighbor with their yard: mow the grass, rake leaves, or remove weeds.
    • Deliver a card or a welcome treat to a new neighbor
    • Make a thoughtful card for an older neighbor or someone that is sick wishing them a happy day, draw them a picture or give them a bouquet of flowers

    Register to Vote

    Find your local polling place and be sure you are registered to vote. Encourage family members and friends to vote as well. 

    • Learn about local issues that affect your community.

    Give Blood

    The Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade, marking the Blood Supply as Dangerously Low. Find a location near you to donate this month.