Eight Ways to Support US Troops and Veterans in Metro Atlanta

1. Contribute to Doc’s Healing Hives Veteran Learning Center

Doc’s Healing Hives equips every veteran in the program with beekeeping equipment and training, a colony of honey bees, a beehive, and mentorship. This Learning Center’s completion is the next step in expanding the positive impacts of this organization. This is an excellent way to directly contribute to a unique and meaningful project that benefits veterans in the Metro Atlanta area. 

2. Create and send handmade objects to active-duty troops and veterans through Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude specializes in sending care packages to active duty service members and returning veterans. They encourage volunteers to hand-make unique items like hacky sacks, cooling neckerchiefs, fleece hats, and much more. Their website has helpful patterns and tips to create each of these items.  

3. Donate needed household items to the VEO

These much-needed items such as (list a few items) will go directly to the 14 new housing complexes built by the VEO for veteran women experiencing homelessness. The supplies range from garbage bags and bedsheets to fire extinguishers and dining tables. The VEO also offers group tours of their facilities and the services they provide. To schedule a visit, call 404-889-8710. 

4. Follow the NAEH’s Five-Step Plan to End Veteran Homelessness

These steps from the National Alliance to End Homelessness would be more of an undertaking than some of the recommendations on this list. Take your first step by starting just one step – it could start a chain reaction in your community and make a major difference! The NAEH’s site contains a map of every county in the country where veteran homelessness has been effectively ended, including nearby DeKalb County.  

5. Visit the Veteran Voices Exhibit at the Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center has a prominent exhibit featuring veterans throughout history. This exhibit is made up of photographs, audio interviews, artifacts, and more that highlight veterans’ experiences back to World War Two. According to their site, this exhibit aims to “allow future generations to hear directly from those who lived through our nation’s conflicts to better appreciate the realities and the sacrifices of war.” You can also visit the nearby Veterans Park at the Goizueta Gardens. 

6. Help a veteran with household chores or home projects

Offering up a few hours of your time to help a veteran in your life is a great physical reminder that you care. Sometimes, a service-related injury can hinder veterans from finishing chores around the house or completing needed home repairs. Asking a friend or two to help a veteran with a household project is a perfect example of being a supportive neighbor. Do you have a veteran in your neighborhood? 

7. Volunteer Time with one of Pebble Tossers’’ Veteran Focused Events

Pebble Tossers hosts many events throughout the year for veterans in the Atlanta Metro Area. You can also find more ways to honor current and former service members on our US Troops and Veterans May Cause Area Page

8. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Because of the difficulties many veterans face reintegrating into the workforce, many choose to start their own businesses. Supporting these companies empowers not only the owners of these businesses but the veterans that are often hired to manage them as well. Georgia has a multitude of veteran-owned businesses, here is a link to a site with a list of veteran-owned businesses in every county.