“A Day On, Not A Day Off”

What exactly is “a day on, not a day off?” Unlike other national holidays, Martin Luther King Day was established to honor Dr. King and his service and commitment to the improvement of our nation.

Naturally, here at Pebble Tossers we embrace this commitment and like to think that every day is a potential day for service and to support our community. It’s a key aspect of our teen leadership program initiative: serve. lead. succeed.

While currently in our second year of our Teen Leadership Program, our first-year alums shared with us what they learned about leadership from the program’s speakers and service projects.

“A leader is someone who makes a change by being different. They have to be confident enough to stand out and stand up.” – Nupur D.

“In the past, I always thought of leaders as being more dictatorial which is why I often shied away from that role. Being a part of the TLP showed me that I can be a leader while still listening to others and uplifting the voices of my teammates.” – Ainsley M.

A key element of leadership is to build up those that work with you to achieve your goals. Our mission at Pebble Tossers is to empower and equip youth to lead through service and we believe it is making a difference.

Thank you for serving on this national holiday in honor of Dr. King and his mission and throughout the year to support and build our community.

Our cause area for the month is Citizenship + Social Justice. To learn more about it and service opportunities surrounding its focus, please click here.

Here are a few resources on the MLK Jr. Holiday:

The King Center History of Martin Luther King Jr. Day King Institute TIME Magazine: Man of the Year