Ten Ways to Support Metro Atlanta’s Environment

1. Start a Home Garden

This is an effective and rewarding way to live sustainably. This is also a great project to get the whole family excited about being eco-friendly. 

2. Limit Driving

Anyone who has spent time in Atlanta knows the amount of traffic can be overwhelming at times. Carpooling with a friend on the way to school or work reduces greenhouse gas emissions by a sizable amount. 

3. Take an environment focused virtual education course 

Trees Atlanta provides a variety of online learning opportunities for kids and adults alike. There are programs on climate change effects, local wildlife, and even educational storytimes. 

4. Stop using plastic bottles for drinks 

Plastic bottles make up a significant amount of waste worldwide. Use a refillable water bottle or purchase cans/glass that are more easily recycled. Bonus points for accessorizing with your favorite stickers.

5. Eat Less Meat

Cattle are the number one agricultural source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The reduction of red meat consumption on a mass scale would lead to a substantial decrease of those negative emissions. How about being a weekday vegetarian? Here’s a link to get started: Why I’m a weekday vegetarian. 

6. Donate Used Clothes

Donating used clothes not only gives a second life to your unwanted apparel, but also keeps it out of landfills. Here are a few links to locations in Atlanta in need of donations. Atlanta Mission, SafeHouse Outreach, Foster Care Support Foundation

7. Visit a Park or Nature Preserve

Spending some time in a preserved outdoor space can put into perspective why protecting the environment is so crucial. Atlanta has a number of fun public parks and Georgia is home to eleven national parks. Plan a visit soon.

8. Buy Local Produce

Produce farmed locally doesn’t create nearly as much transportation pollution as its big box store counterparts, which are often transported hundreds of miles across the country. And who doesn’t love supporting local farmers? Here are some links to local farmers markets and suppliers: Martin’s Garden, Atlanta Farmers Market, Full List

9. Participate in a River Cleanup

The Chattahoochee RIverkeeper puts together at least one river cleanup a month. This can be one of the most noticeable ways to keep your community beautiful. 

10. Volunteer your time with Pebble Tossers or one of our Nonprofit Partners

The Pebble Tossers monthly service calendar is filled with opportunities to make a positive impact on your environment and community. You can also check our monthly cause area resource page.