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September Cause Area

The elderly members of our community are incredible resources for volunteers of all ages and the benefits of visiting with them are plentiful for all involved. Upon receiving a visit or a card, the elderly’s spirits are uplifted and their energy renewed while the younger person learns valuable lessons in history, gains a source of wisdom and takes some time to slow down and enjoy the moment.

In September, we celebrate our elderly friends throughout the month but pay special attention to Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 11th. Interactions between young people and older adults provide positive outcomes and mutual learning experiences.

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  • Cards to Encourage our Elderly Friends

    How can volunteers help: This project is open to Pebble Tossers members and nonmembers. Cards/ notes can be handmade or purchased. Be creative and have fun! Must make a minimum of 10 cards/ notes/ letters/drawings.

    1. Volunteers can create Happy Grandparents Day Cards to arrive before September 11th. 
    2. Volunteers can make other cards or notes with cheerful messages and drawings to uplift the Elders’ spirits throughout the month. 

    Registration: Pebble Tossers members should register for this project by clicking here and choose any of the dates on the service calendar in order to record your hours. Once registered, volunteers will receive details on how to complete this project and where to send your cards/ notes. Recipients will include Elders at A.G. Rhodes (Atlanta, Wesley Woods, Cobb locations) and Trinka Davis Veterans Village.

  • Celebrate Your Grandparents on September 11th:

      1. Send a special handmade card
      2. Plan a visit to their favorite spot: a restaurant, garden, or museum!>
      3. Ask them to share photos and stories from their childhood 
      4. Learn a new skill that they enjoy to share with them
      5. Go on a walk together
      6. Spend some time cooking together to create their favorite meal
      7. Print some photos and create a photobook or collage
  • Other Ways to Help Elders in Your Neighborhood:

      1. Go shopping for a neighbor
      2. Mow their lawn, water flowers, pull weeds or do other yard work
      3. Play a game or do a puzzle
      4. Help with technology, send emails, teach them how to use features or applications on their cell phone, tablet or computer 
      5. Make a meal or a special treat
      6. Go on a walk together
  • One of our partners, A.G. Rhodes recently featured our relationship in an internal publication – take a look at the amazing work they do for their residents!

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