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October Cause Area

They are our pets, our best friends, our companions. They’re also incredibly important members of our environment and while volunteering at an animal shelter is the most popular opportunity people think about when considering volunteering with animals, there are many ways our members can help pets and wildlife. There are in-person and virtual opportunities to help the animals and wildlife that contribute so much to our community.

  • Special Member Benefit: Behind The Scenes Tour at the Atlanta Humane Society

    We are excited to offer a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Atlanta Humane Society Alpharetta location on Saturday, October 22nd, from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. The tour provides an insider look at the amazing work done by the AHS to help rescued animals and the crucial role volunteers play. The visit ends with time spent visiting the cats and dogs available for adoption. You’ll see the dog walking schedule (a great volunteer opportunity!), intake processes for new dogs and cats, medical care, and more. The tour is limited to 25 members and spaces will go quickly!

    Please Note:
    Members may bring a friend or family member that is currently not a PT Member. Simply email with their contact information.

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  • Boo at the Zoo

    Pebble Tossers is once again participating in Boo at the Zoo. This is one of Zoo Atlanta’s most fun events of the year. Volunteers 10 and older may greet visitors, hand out treats, assist with crafts and carnival games, guide the costume characters around the Zoo, or otherwise help provide a spooktacular experience for guests of all ages.

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  • No-Sew Fleece Blankets

    Fleece blankets are of great value to many of our nonprofit partners, including animal shelters. And the no-sew blankets are a great project for youth of all ages and families.

    As a virtual project, creating the blankets can be done any day and time and not just the specified registration date. Instructions on how to make the blankets are provided with the registration confirmation email or can be found by clicking below.

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  • Create Seed Bombs
    Seed Bombs are used to grow flowers in bare spots, creating pockets of beauty and habitats for pollinators (such as bees and butterflies). They also provide critical habitat for pollinators and insects and wildlife which is important for the ecosystem. Want to try this or similar projects at home? Visit our how-to-guides for details! Click here for How-to-guides
  • Additional Serve from Home Opportunities

    There are lots of opportunities to care for our animals + wildlife. We’ve created several how-to guides that detail the creation of toys, treats, mats, and even how to run a kibble drive:

    How to Make Snuffle Mats


    How to Create No Sew Dog Toys


    How to Make Dog Treats


    How to Host A Kibble Drive


  • Pebble Tossers Partner Opportunities

    Dog for a Day Program
    LifeLine Animal Project’s  Dog for the Day program is a great way to give the pups a break from the shelter environment and get them seen by potential adopters! You can take one of the pups to the park, go for a hike, or simply relax in your home. The potential for fun is endless! Must be 18+ to receive a dog. 

    Weekend Warrior
    LifeLine Animal Project’s weekend plan. Pets eligible for this program primarily include medium to large dogs. We ask that you commit to at least three days: pick up on Friday and drop off on Sunday. You are more than welcome to keep the dog as long as you’d like after that. We’ll provide you with a crate and food for the weekend!


    NOTE: Pebble Tossers members can receive service hours for participating in these two projects. To record hours use the NonPebble Tossers Service Opportunity option.