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June Cause Area

The arts have always been an important part of society and culture. Engaging in the arts expands our horizon and helps us to see things from different perspectives. People need creative outlets and places to express themselves.

  • June Cause Area: Arts and Culture in Atlanta

    Atlanta is one of the most well-known cultural hubs in the country. Talented artists of many styles and formats call this city home. For the month of June, Pebble Tossers is focusing on the importance and uniqueness of the Arts and Culture in Atlanta. Arts and Culture is a wide-ranging subject with much room for interpretation. This month, we will highlight talented local artists of all disciplines, cultural and artistic initiatives that benefit the community, and why a focus and respect for the arts is so beneficial. Click here to Read More.

  • June: Arts and Culture: The Catalyst for Youth Development?

    In June, Pebble Tossers highlights arts and culture, specifically how the arts positively impact youth development. It seems ever-more essential to focus on practical career paths to secure a sensible future in today’s society. Yet, more than ever, children and young adults are developing anxiety about said future without an avenue to relieve stress. The solution? Immersion in arts and culture. Arts and culture have been proven to have a positive effect not only on mental health but school achievement.  

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  • Eight Educational Resouces on Metro Atlanta’s Arts and Culture

    This month’s cause area, Arts and Culture, can be applied to so many different artistic styles, movements, and nonprofit organizations. That is why Pebble Tossers has put together this list of resources covering as much of Atlanta’s broad arts and culture scene as we could. We hope you enjoy looking through these articles, infographics, and videos; and that you can learn something new about the importance of the arts!  Click here to Read More

  • June Kindness Calendar

    Get into the habit of spreading everyday kindness by printing out our calendar and sharing it with your family to choose 1, 2, or all of the days to start a ripple of kindness.


    Download The Kindess Calendar Here