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Fragile Children

The needs of fragile children cover an expansive range of situations. Some fragile children have visible physical challenges or serious illnesses and some might be sight or hearing-impaired while others might struggle with anxiety or have a learning or mental disability.

Additionally, many fragile children are in difficult home situations and in need of basic necessities such as shelter, clothing, food and school support.

Pebble Tossers works with a variety of organizations that support these children based on their needs.


    Valentine’s Kits for Sibley Heart Center Patients

    Every year we bring some Valentine’s Day cheer to the Sibley Heart Center patients.

    This year’s project will look a little different. We will still make Valentine’s Day Kits for the kids at the Sibley Heart Center, however we have added a virtual option. The Valentine’s Kits allow the kids to make Valentines for their family, nurses, doctors and etc and to decorate their rooms. Once you register for this opportunity you will receive more details on how to create your kits.

    Pebble Tossers members and nonmembers can click here for how you can participate virtually or click here for our in-person Pop-Up Project.

  • Thoughtful Notes for InCommunity

    InCommunity provides care and support to those with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD). InCommunity is a consistent part of their lives where they see their friends, interact with the community & arts, and practice daily living skills. Due to COVID regulations all of this has changed. The InCommunity clients and the staff that care of them on the frontlines would love to hear some encouragement from their community!
    Help spread the love. Send a thoughtful note to those who are still working hard to support individuals in their homes and to those who are being cared for who long for a sense of normalcy. Taking a moment to say thank you or sending a note to say we appreciate you can go a long way!

    Click Here to Register for this Opportunity

    NOTE: This project can be done on any day. To help our members record service hours we have listed this project on several different days. It doesn’t matter which day you actually register for with Pebble Tossers.


    InCommunity’s “Will You Be My Valentine Project”

    Join InCommunity’s “Will You Be My Valentine Project” by sending Cards and Cookies to their clients that are still sheltering in place. Volunteers will make 4 cards and purchase cookies as described on their registration site. Items must be delivered by February 10. Volunteers will sign up directly with InCommunity.


  • Virtual High Fives

    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) is one of the nation’s largest pediatric systems in the nation and is a nonprofit. Due to COVID19, they have cancelled patient group activities and restricted visitors. CHOA has come up with a way that volunteers can show the patients and staff they have people cheering them on and supporting them.

    CHOA is now accepting virtual messages from volunteers for patients and healthcare workers. The staff will happily pass the messages along to their staff and patients to see. Click here to send a virtual high five, a funny joke or a message of encouragement. These messages will scroll on the closed-circuit TVs located throughout the hospital and in the patients’ rooms.

    NOTE: This project can be done on any day. To help our members record service hours we have listed this project on several different days. It doesn’t matter which day you actually register for with Pebble Tossers.

  • Create Art Kits for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

    Throughout the years, Children’s has relied on families, individuals and groups for a variety of donations for their patients and families. Since volunteers can’t visit in person to host activities for the families they are accepting Art Kits that you can create from home. The Art Kits help the patients briefly escape their situation by allowing them to focus on creative and fun activities. Click here to register and for more information.

    Suggested Items to include in the art kits: (make sure all items are brand new) Once you have all of your items put them in a gallon size Ziplock Bag.
    • Crayons (8-24 count packs)
    • Coloring Books (Kid and advanced)
    • Non-permanent Markers (8-12 count packs)
    • Colored Pencils (8-24 Count Packs)
    • Stickers
    • Glue Sticks
    • Playdough


    Be A Virtual Fan

    Athletes are missing their Special Olympics of GA (SPOGA) fans, and they want to get your faces out there so the athletes can see how many people are cheering them on! The SPOGA is asking volunteers to take a photo of yourself holding a homemade poster recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of their athletes (i.e. “Great job, Athletes,” “Keep up the hard work,” “You Rock!”). Take your creativity one step further and record a video of yourself with a short positive message for their athletes. These pictures and videos will be utilized on their social media channels to let the Athletes know how much we are all missing seeing them in person.

    Pebble Tossers members click here to register on our site.

    Please visit to complete registration. You will receive a confirmation email with a link and instructions on how to upload your photos/videos. If you have any questions, please contact