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August Cause Area
education + literacy

August’s cause area centers around education & literacy, especially targeted towards youth. Education is the backbone of any successful community as it is the gift that keeps on giving. When children are given the opportunity to flourish in school, they are then equipped to educate their community and loved ones, creating a beautiful chain of knowledge. Youth deserve to learn without impediments such as lack of resources/technology; all children should have equal access to high quality education. Knowing that 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read, Pebble Tossers strives to help even the playing field for young students, allowing them to reach their full potential.

  • Homework Tutors: Corners Outreach

    The mission of Corners Outreach is to equip students and their families to live full lives and they envision one community where every person has an opportunity to thrive. They accomplish their mission through offering academic support to students, developing teens, and equipping parents.

    They will be offering the after-school homework academy (Corners Academy) beginning in late August. Corners Academy will need 15 – 20 volunteers each day to help students with homework, reading, and math facts. Homework academy will be offered Monday-Thursday from 3:30 – 5:30 at each of the three locations in Dunwoody, Norcross, and Snellville. Volunteers may serve one hour on one day each week or as much as they like. Anyone interested may contact Jana Mock at for more details. The minimum age is 12. Pebble Tossers members can click here for more information.

    Corners Academy also accepts donations of: healthy Snacks and/of supplies from their Amazon list.

  • Donate Books to a Mini-Library

    Do you have a mini library in your neighborhood, nearby park or school? If so, clean out your bookshelves and donate some books…and while you’re there borrow a few new ones to discover some new favorite stories and authors.

  • Create bookmarks and donate to local organizations

    A new bookmark is always a special treat when starting a new book…if you’re interested in crafting, bookmarks are a lovely donation to local assisted living centers for their residents. Here are some creative ideas to get started.

  • (e)Mazing Race

    Inspiredu is hosting the (e)Mazing Race, an adventure-style team-building game and fundraiser modeled after the TV Show “The Amazing Race”. Inspiredu is a nonprofit organization that supports the success of Greater Atlanta Area youth by providing access to needed technology and skills directly to students and their families, schools, and communities. All of the proceeds will provide students and families in metro Atlanta with technology tools and educational resources.

    Click Here for more information and to register for one of the 3 volunteer shifts available on August 28.

Agape Youth & Family Center

Agape provides services to empower and inspire children from under-served families.  Agape offers after-school programming and family services which focus on character development, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, high school graduation and post-graduation placement. With the help of volunteers they also provide dinner at the Agape Youth and Family Center facility for each of the schools they serve.

The Afterschool Program: for elementary and middle school students includes tutoring, homework assistance, mentoring, character development and social-emotional learning. Volunteers will focus on assistance with homework and reading for the elementary school students. The middle school students need more help with learning how to manage projects, etc. Volunteers must be in high school or older. Background checks will be conducted on volunteers 18 and older. Agape recommends volunteering once a week with the afterschool program to build relationships. 

Dinner for Kids: Agape serves dinner to the students in the evenings. Each school has a set time and volunteers register for just one shift. Volunteers will provide a meal, serve the meal, and have dinner with the students. Agape kitchen staff will assist you.  They recommend keeping your group size between 6-10. Agape provides a cost-effective ordering menu which includes suggested catering meals you can order in advance and pick up on your way here. Prices listed on the suggested menu are approximations.

How to Volunteer: Click here to go to the Agape website for details on these opportunities and how to participate. The available dates to serve a meal will be posted the week of August 16. Pebble Tossers member volunteers should email if you participate in either of these events to have the opportunity appear in their logbook.  For more information volunteers can contact Bridget Sivewright, Volunteer Coordinator with Agape at