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March Cause Area

On any given night in the United States, more than half a million people experience homelessness. This includes single adults, families, children and youth. At Pebble Tossers, we partner with several nonprofits in Metro Atlanta that work tirelessly to address the challenges of finding suitable housing while providing food, clothing and needed assistance. By aiding these organization’s programs, our members support their mission to reduce the numbers of people experiencing homelessness in our community.

  • Create Period Packs

    Menstrual hygiene products are necessities for females but are not available in many schools, shelters, and emerging communities to women and girls in need. The Homeless Period Project not only provides menstrual hygiene products to those in need they also educate communities on the global problem of lack of access to menstrual hygiene.
    What can volunteers do? Assemble Period Packs
    Listed below are 3 types of Period Packs volunteers can assemble. Assemble period packs into quart size ziploc bags and seal. Details on where to drop off your Period Packs is coming soon.

    1. Homeless Women And Girls Living On The Street Pack
    – Five to seven (5-7) menstrual pads
    – Five to seven (5-7) tampons
    – Seven (7) liners
    – Seven (7) individually wrapped feminine hygiene wipes
    2. Shelters, Refugee Centers, Free Medical Clinics And Similar:
    – Five (5) menstrual pads Five
    – Five (5) tampons
    – Five (5) liners
    3. Schools:
    – Seven (7) menstrual pads
    – Seven (7) liners

    PLACE PERIOD PACKS INTO KITCHEN GARBAGE BAGS FOR TRANSPORT TO CLIENTS: Once the Period Packs are assembled, please place them into unscented kitchen size garbage bags.

    ** Please make sure the pads are menstrual pads and not designed for incontinence. ** Please include hygiene wipes and not alcohol wipes.

    For more information about this project you can visit here.

  • Intown Collaborative Ministries

    Intown’s Homeless Outreach Program is a four-step process of engagement, enrollment, navigation, and housing. ICM specializes in compassionately engaging and housing the City of Atlanta’s chronically homeless neighbors. 

    Volunteer Opportunities: Click here for details and to register directly with ICM

    • Pantry distribution and packing, on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday in the upcoming weeks.
    • Picking up from Atlanta Community Food Bank to pickup and drop off at Intown on Tuesday mornings at 8am. Click Here
    • Donate items for the Pantry 
  • Zaban Paradies Center

    For over 35 years, the Zaban Paradies Center (ZPC) has changed the lives of couples experiencing homelessness and instability. ZPC provides temporary housing, life skills coaching and other support resources.Email Robyn Ripps with Zaban for  details on ways to volunteer with Zaban Paradies Center

    1. Make and Serve Dinner: Dinner is provided each night for the Couples at Zaban by Volunteers. Dinners must feed 50 people.  Suggestions for meals can be provided if needed.
    2. Clothing Closet: Clothing and shoes for interviews as well as a casual work environment are a plus. Details on needed items can be found via the link above.
  • Hygiene Kits for Homelessness

    SafeHouse Outreach SafeHouse Outreach (SHO) is a nonprofit organization that aims to transition people from homelessness to a point of stability and independent living.. Volunteers can still serve those experiencing homelessness during COVID by making hygiene kits for the guests of SHO and then dropping them off at SHO. You can do this project any day in March, not just for the date you register for. Pebble Tossers members click here to register.

  • Write Encouraging Notes

    Volunteer virtually through an impactful, fun family opportunity to write and create encouraging notes for the clients served at the Atlanta Mission. Volunteers will

    write 10 encouraging notes for the clients at the Atlanta Mission. Notes can be written in greetings cards or be handmade.  Be creative and have fun! Click here to register.

  • Birthday Cards for the Atlanta Mission

    Join the Atlanta Mission in ending homelessness one friend at a time. Provide 10 Birthday Cards for those celebrating a Birthday! Cards can be purchased or handmade. Click here to register.